Pay-At-The-Pump Processing

Switching is simple!

Femmy's Merchant Services has a great petroleum program available and we can work with most controllers and offer processing opportunities for all fleet cards.  We offer to pay all cost involved to switch over your gas station that includes paying to reprogram your pumps and replacing your datawire micronode.  We work with VeriFone Authorized Service Contractors (VASCs) and Gilbarco Authorized Service Contractors (GASCs) across the country in all 50-states to make the process of changing integrated pay-at-the-pump merchant accounts quick and easy. 

If you are taking over an existing gas station that was previously branded, new BuyPass Generic Software is often required.  We can help you buy new Ruby software and get a trained local technician to come out and reload the registered Ruby software and configure everything to work with your new First Data merchant account.  VASCs and GASCs are trained to troubleshoot service and support the Verifone and Gilbarco integrated petroleum and convenience systems. 

If you already have registered Verifone or Gilbarco software and are current with your service contract, switching is even easier; it can be done in less than 30 minutes.