Offshore Merchant Account

Femmy's Merchant Services offers the best Credit CardProcessing nationwide for your High Risk / Offshore Merchant Account needs.  Regardless of the situation, whether it is a history of charge-backs, fraud, or bad credit, we will take care of you, and happily build a life-time relationship with your business.  Through hard-work and experience, we have matured into a corporation that can offer your business a hassle free solution to your Merchant Service needs.  To be frank, we want you to be satisfied with your Credit Card Processing Service, and we want to offer you the absolute best in order for you to truly be happy and never have to worry about switching companies again.

If you have been told by other processors that you only qualify for a “last resort” method of opening an Offshore Merchant Account, that may seem intimidating at first, especially if they tell you the rates, but rest assured, Femmy's Merchant Services will take care of your business.  We will offer competitive rates, and will always make sure you know exactly what you’re paying.  Offshore Merchant Accounts typically have higher rates because they are indeed “High Risk,” but we will not charge an arm and a leg like many other processors, we want you to be happy, and honestly, to build that lifetime relationship with you through your own satisfaction with our corporation.  Even if there really are no other options other than to open an Offshore Merchant Account, it is our guarantee that you will be satisfied with our service because we will work with you face to face, and always make sure that you’re fully taken care of.  If you’re looking to start your High Risk Merchant Services, contact Femmy's Merchant Services because we are the company that you will want to handle your account.