High Risk

High-Risk Merchant Accounts & Credit Card Processing Service

Femmy's Merchant Services specializes in providing High-Risk merchants secure account solutions for dependable card processing and lifetime management.

Has your merchant account recently been terminated and you need to continue processing credit cards immediately?  Contact Femmy's Merchant Services for our fast merchant approval process.  We work with domestic and international offshore banks around the world to provide service for all industries of all risk levels and types. By working with Femmy's Merchant Services, you will have access to over 35 banks & processors, numerous payment gateways,flexible underwriting policies,our complete suite of added-value services including fraud prevention, chargeback mitigation tools,multi-account acquisition& proactive account management. We welcome all merchants regardless of current credit score and have a 99% approval rate.


Top reasons to make the switch to Femmy's Merchant Services

At Femmy's Merchant Services you will have the opportunity to work with the owner.  We support and reprogram 99% of all POS equipment in the market today.  Femmy Buitenwerf will personally call and take care of closing your old account.  We offer a Free Gift Card and Loyalty program with no monthly fee.  Next Day business deposits and live online reporting is available.