Exatouch. Point of Sale Made Easy!

Advance your business potential with a winning combination of payment technologies and services. With Exatouch, you’ll receive a complete point of sale package with the hardware, software and ongoing support at an affordable monthly cost. We’ll even help you select the equipment best suited for your business and take care of software upgrades.

Leading Hardware

Stylish Compact Durable, Exatouch is a modern, high-performance system designed to endure. You’ll love the LCD touchscreen, multiple USB ports and overall flexibility.

Feature-Rich System

You want it, Exatouch has it: employee management, inventory, appointment scheduling, table mapping, tax preparation, customer database, purchasing abilities and more! Now, the upfront investment for a complete POS system doesn’t have to break your budget. Our comprehensive packages include the hardware, software, support and upgrades for one low cost.

Free Software Upgrades

The days of worrying about expensive software licenses and upgrades are over! You’ll receive free software upgrades and releases as they become available, guaranteeing the latest features.

Support for EMV and Apple Pay Transactions

You can rest assured that your business is protected against potential fraudulent transactions and ready to accept the most secure forms of payment. Plus, in-house 24/7 support and full gift cards program.

Top reasons to make the switch


At Femmy's Merchant Services you will have the opportunity to work with the owner.
We support and reprogram 99% of all POS equipment in the market today.   Femmy Buitenwerf will personally call and take care of closing your old account.
We offer a Free Gift Card and Loyalty program with no monthly fee. Next Day business deposits and live online reporting is available.