Canada Merchant Services

Femmy's Merchant Services offers the lowest rate guaranteed for Merchant Services in Canada. Our corporation is based in the United States but our service extends to Canada as well. 

The benefits of choosing Femmy's Merchant Services over another processing company include: (FREE) EMV compatible credit card machines, 24/7 Customer Support with one of the largest and most reliable companies in the United States, working directly with the C.E.O of our company, enjoying our service with no contracts or hidden fees, and receiving honest and dependable Merchant Services.

Our corporation is devoted to building life time relationships with our clients which means that we will always make sure your business is well taken care of.

When using Femmy's Merchant Servicesfor your Canadian Credit Card Processing, we will not charge you for your Credit Card Machine.  We are happy to give a machine to all of our clients at no-cost.  We are an honest and moral company, and we don’t lease out machines for profit due to our moral ethic of taking care of businesses rather than charging them for a machine that does not even cost 1/4 of the amount collected from a lease agreement. 

Femmy's Merchant Services will instead give you a FREE EMV Machine. Insuring your satisfaction with your Canadian Payment Processing is very important to us.  We won’t be able to tell you who won the hockey game last night, but we will be able to tell you that we can save you money on your Canadian Credit Card Processing.